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Recording and preserving the local arts of the Missouri River region

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Who We Are
Local culture, including the creative work of artisans, craftspeople, singer/songwriters and others constantly evolves. The works of local artists, while ephemeral and largely overlooked by outsiders, reflect and influence the values and tastes of the regions that spawned them. Non-profit and volunteer-driven, MoRivCC grew from the perceived need to capture and preserve such cultural expressions before they disappear.

The mission of MoRivCC evolved from conversations between Jerome Wheeler and Mike Cooper in 2004. Click here for Jerome's statement of purpose.

What We Do
The Missouri River Cultural Conservancy documents, records, archives and fosters awareness of the unique history and culture of the Central Missouri River Region. We do this primarily by producing video and audio recordings of the many songwriters, composers, poets and storytellers and other artists of our region, whose songs and creations often portray significant historical events and personalities of the Missouri River and surrounding communities.