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Calvin Street Band - Jesse09/11/2016
Rae Fitzgerald - Lost in a Ukrainian Village09/11/2016
Eric Gies - I'm an Alligator09/11/2016
Dennis Hodo - Lima Bean Blues09/10/2016
Ridge Runners- Think it Through09/10/2016
Bob Runyon - Take Comfort09/10/2016
Planet Jazz - Here Without You06/12/2016
Big Medicine - Tear Stained Life02/23/2016
Boone Howlers - Dream of Forrest Rose02/23/2016
Two Bit Steve - Call Me Anytime01/12/2016
John Galbraith - Josephine09/13/2015
Hobosexuals - Bottle of Gin09/13/2015
Tim Carey - Huntington, West Virginia09/12/2015
Brad Cunningham - Willie for President09/12/2015
Shannon Morris - Take a Number07/07/2015
Emily Heartsong - Working07/07/2015
Test video only - delete when done05/01/2015
Debra Hardin poetry - Love Never Ends03/03/2015
Glen Ward - I Don't See No Reason Why02/24/2015
Rae Fitzgerald - Revival02/17/2015
Pat Kay - Ain't So Blue02/10/2015
Jarrod Turner - No End in Sight02/03/2015
Bruce Poe - Red Hot Marie01/27/2015
Preston Turley - Firestarter01/20/2015
The Woodsmiths - Burn It All Down09/07/2014
Merry Ellen Kirk - Masquerade09/06/2014
The Late Night Benedictions - Big Tent Revival02/25/2014
Bob Runyon - Dark Poet02/18/2014
The Stingrays - Now That No One Listens to Me02/15/2014
Naked Dave - Noodlin'01/28/2014
Naked Dave - River Relief01/28/2014
Crooked Jack - Holy Ghost01/21/2014
Pippa and the Strawmen - A Pig is a Pig01/14/2014
The Fried Crawdaddies- Blue Island Earth01/10/2014
Dearnley and Shin - Noodlin'01/10/2014
Lee Ruth - Doing What We Want01/07/2014
Keith Fletcher - Home Sweet Home10/08/2013
Eric Gies - Ohio09/07/2013
John Galbraith and Nic Gorham - Make Yourself at Home09/07/2013
The Woodsmiths - Rollin' River09/07/2013
EcoArtFest 2013 Weekend Benefit for MoRivCC Sept. 7-8 (PSA)09/07/2013
Don Cooper "My Images Come"06/16/2013
MoRivCC Benefit Promo (PSA for 4/19/13)04/19/2013
Noah Earle - Tupelo July04/19/2013
Michael Cochran & Pete Szkolka - Everybody's Poor in Heaven04/19/2013
Goldbugs - Cross and Henry03/13/2013
Ruth Acuff - Pas Seul03/05/2013
Ruth Acuff - Cocoon02/23/2013
Ruth Acuff - To Do02/23/2013
The Flood Brothers - Black Crow Pie09/16/2012
KOPN Kick Off Party01/31/2012
Joe Louis - Mud Wallowin'09/18/2011
Lee Ruth - Along the Road of Time06/05/2011
Lee Ruth - Candy from Delaware05/06/2011
Anna Fleischer and Justin Mayfield - My Ecstasy04/30/2011
Ben Green - Most of the Time04/02/2011
Ben Green - February Morning04/02/2011
David Raye - Drive It On Down03/26/2011
Trina Brunk - We Are All Connected02/26/2011
Bob Runyon and Greg Stillman - The Hill Song02/20/2011
Paul Fotsch - River of the Big Canoes09/19/2010
Crooked Jack - Delta Line and Too Much Stuff medley09/19/2010
MoRivCC EcoArtFest (PSA)09/18/2010
Anna Duff - Moments09/18/2010
Mid-Missouri Traditional Contra Dancers08/19/2010
Feral, Baker, and Roe - Gasoline River07/25/2010
Johnny Feral - Turn Out the Lights07/25/2010
Crazyfish - Discovery Corps07/17/2010
Rocket Kirschner - River Time06/11/2010
Al Jolly - Elbows and Crazy06/04/2010
Pippa Letsky & Bones - Redwing05/29/2010
Pippa & Bones - My Dixie Darlin'05/29/2010
Violet Vonderhaar - Catch My Fall04/24/2010
Anna Duff - My Poetry04/17/2010
Dennis Ternamian - City Life04/17/2010
Bartholomew Bean - Searching for My Home09/25/2009
The BVDs - C69-A6909/13/2009
Gypsy Baladi and Mystic Tribe - dancing09/13/2009
Jesse James at EcoArtFest - Take My Hand and Dance with Me09/13/2009
Bill Roe & Robert Roe - Improv09/13/2009
Brad Cunningham and Kyle Prudenz - One and Only09/12/2009
Forte & Roe - Funny Senorita09/12/2009
Jim Bradshaw - June Rise (poem)09/12/2009
Nick &The Fireflies - Compromise09/12/2009
Jim Bradshaw - comments on MoRivCC and poem "Bobby"09/12/2009
The Plumb Bobs - Cat Eyed Taw09/12/2009
David Lackey and Bob Runyon - River Relief09/12/2009
Bruce Poe- Don't Apologize09/05/2009
Megan Boyer Band - Pilot Light06/13/2009
Val & Mal - Say You'll Never Go Away05/31/2009
Sutu Forte Live at the Missouri Theater05/26/2008
Phydeaux Live at the Blue Note - Alejandro05/22/2008
Molly Trull and Anodyne Live at the Blue Note05/21/2008
Bob Runyon - I Don't Have a Care05/05/2008
Exene Cervenka at Hickman High School - poetry, music, and student discussion04/27/2008
Crooked Jack - Old Missouri Moon04/18/2008
Hickman-Rockbridge Battle of the Bands 2005 - Tipper Gores04/09/2008
Night Shift Live at the Blue Note04/09/2008
The Dynamics - Into the Mystic04/06/2008
The Dynamics - Into the Mystic04/06/2008
Sam D'Agostino - Baby You're Blue03/01/2008
John D'Agostino Trio - Doesn't She Know02/17/2008
Steve Meyerhardt &32nd Street - Great Wave02/02/2008
Billy Henderson & 32nd Street - Superstition02/02/2008
Howard Keen & 32nd Street -02/02/2008
David Raye Trio - Hard Drinking Woman01/26/2008
Carol Ann Canzona - Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream01/24/2008
Bob Dyer - Bingham's Song by Cathy Barton and Dave Para12/01/2007
Cathy Barton & Dave Para - Bingham's Song by Bob Dyer12/01/2007
The Dynamics - Live at the Blue Note11/21/2007
The Catnip Mouse Band featuring Kenny Green10/24/2007
Jesse James and Dobro Pat - Mama10/20/2007
The Big Cat Challenge 200509/15/2007
Moulin Musique New Design - Carolina in the Morning09/14/2007
The Belairs Live at the Blue Note - I'm Going to the River08/14/2007
The BelAirs Live at the Blue Note - I'm a Poor Man I'm a Rich Man08/11/2007
Chump Change Live at the Blue Note - Dr. Feel Good07/14/2007
Steve Jerrett - Open Your Door07/09/2007
Caravan - Return Again07/08/2007
Steve Meyerhardt - Mean Mother Frog07/04/2007
Chump Change Live at the Blue Note - I Need My Baby07/03/2007
Dave & Dyno Live on the Missouri River - She's Got a 4507/02/2007
Bob Runyon & David Lackey - All the Love in Heaven07/01/2007
Jim Bradshaw - Bridge to the Past (poem)06/30/2007
Al Jolly - These Days06/29/2007
Steve Jacobs - His Name is Jimmy06/29/2007
Hickman-Rockbridge Battle of the Bands - The Habitat Crew06/28/2007
Hickman-Rockbridge Battle of the Bands 2007 - Suspended06/26/2007
Hilary Scott - When the Rain is Blowin' in Your Face06/25/2007
The Fried Crawdaddies - What a Fool06/19/2007
Lee Ruth - When He Was Younger06/18/2007
Violet Vonder Haar - I'm Gonna Get By06/16/2007
Walter Bargen - Harmony Tornado (poem)06/15/2007
Michelle & Sarah Cleaveland - My Morning Stars are Rising06/15/2007
Michael Cochran & Pete Szkolka - Blue Island Earth06/15/2007
Bartholomew Bean - Dreamers06/15/2007
The Hucksters - River of the Big Canoes06/12/2007
The Belairs - Boogie Chillun06/11/2007
Michael Cochran & Pete Szkolka - Walk Your Own Path06/10/2007
Moonbelly - dance by Kandice Grossman06/09/2007
Bruce Poe - My Name is Stephen Beaver06/06/2007
Danna Moore & Steve Jacobs - The Clock of Life06/06/2007
Stacy Roberts - Lying in My Bed I See the Lights06/05/2007
Rocket Kirschner - Me and My Son06/05/2007
Hilary Scott - I'm Just Waiting for You06/04/2007
Naked Dave & The Blue Cats - Jerome05/30/2007
Lester Woods Ministries at Douglass High School05/30/2007
The Plumb Bobs - Beautiful Rain05/30/2007
Bruce Poe - Crawl Right Back to You05/27/2007
Columbia Citywide Drum Line & Rhythm Band05/25/2007
Plow Boy Bend - acoustic strings05/25/2007
Jerry Foster - That Lonesome Sound05/24/2007
Chump Change - The Sky is Cryin'05/24/2007
Bob Dyer - The Undertow05/24/2007
Noah Earle - Ruth Virginia05/24/2007
Sutu Forte & Pete Szkolka - dual pianos05/24/2007
Al Jolly - Bartender Don't Turn Up Those Lights05/24/2007
Buzz Keiper - Song of a Broken-Hearted Young Man05/11/2007
Naked Dave & The Blue Cats - Just an Old Battered Gypsy05/11/2007
Bob Runyon - Life's Getting So Out of Hand05/10/2007
Bartholomew Bean - Running Wild05/10/2007
David Dean White - Talking Lewis & Clark Blues05/09/2007
The Catnip Mouse Band - Love or Illusion05/09/2007
Michael Akers at Hickman High School - Hey Good Lookin'05/09/2007
Keith Picker - The Hardest Burn04/05/2007
Jeffrey Arrigo - Hard Loving Blues03/18/2007
Dave & Dyno - Road Kill Chili01/07/2007
Deli Lama Orchestra at the Blue Note - singing bowls and chimes08/11/2006
MoRivCC Intro Video06/06/2006
The Rooster Creek Girls - Mockingbird Hill01/28/2006
C3 - 2005 Fall Equinox at Cooper's Landing09/17/2005
Bob Dyer - On a Day Like Today07/02/2005
Don Choate - Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?06/11/2005
Ken Shepherd at the Blue Note - I'll Be Seeing You06/11/1983
The Catnip Mouse Band Live at the Blue Note 1983 - Workin' on the River06/11/1983